Where has my baby gone?! 

Today Daisy graduated from nursery! I was so proud watching her on stage singing and dancing with all her friends! 

We were told daisy would never walk, talk or show any form of emotion.. how wrong they got it! She is such a happy clever little lady! 

Today at nursery all the children from morning nursery and afternoon nursery got to graduate together infront of parents and other relatives! It was amazing! 

They all sang a goodbye song which I had heard endlessly for the past two weeks at home! They sang a song they had learnt during music week and then they danced to a song that the children had voted on. At the end they were all presented with their learning journal and a gift. Daisy was so proud of herself! I was so proud of her! 

I must remember every single day just how lucky I am to have such a healthy lovable and clever girl! 

Here is Daisy on her first day at nursery and on her graduation day today! 


Going on Holiday!!!

I haven’t been abroad for years!! Literally 4 years! 

Ok so I’ve been away on a hen weekend, and weeks away in this county (U.K.) but actually abroad on holiday with my family just hasn’t happened! 

This is thanks to Daisy! Daisy who simply cost way too much in travel insurance to take away! I priced it up last year and I was looking at £2000+ which I just couldn’t justify at all. This year as she hasn’t been hospitalised yay! She is still a bit pricey but way cheaper at just £240! So yeh that’s the reason I haven’t been away for so long.. (Daisy has chronic lung disease hence why she costs more in travel ins) 

We travel to Tenerife in a few hours! I can not wait to be there.. I’m a little nervous because with Daisy having lung problems I am a little worried about how she’s going to react to the flying aspect of things. I’ve also been suffering from some kind of panic attacks recently (at least that’s what I think they are) so I’m hoping I don’t end up having one of those! I know once I’m there I’ll be fine.. it’s just the bit before I’m on edge about! 

I’m sure it will be fine!