Goodbye Dummies..

I have decided enough if enough! The dummies need to go! Daisy is four and still a complete dummie addict! Last Christmas I attempted to get rid of them but I gave in when she wouldn’t stop crying.. ever since then I have tried every so often but each time I have given in.. made excuses about her breathing problems! Daisy does have breathing problems and I was told sucking a dummie would help however I don’t think the dr intended her to have them for life! 

As we got off the plane from Tenerife Monday evening a decided to leave them behind they were hidden in my bag, but Daisy was told I left them on the plane by accident. She asked for them a few times on the taxi ride home but I just apologised and explained I’d been silly and left them on the plane.

When it was bed time it helped that she was tired and not in her routine I think.. Me, Lily and Daisy all got into my bed for snuggles and after an hour or so of whining and asking for them she fell asleep.. without them!

When she woke up she didn’t even realise she didn’t have her dummies! I told her I was so proud of her and how much of a big girl she was! It was a school morning so up and off we were.

The second night wasn’t as hard has I had thought.. she cried but not for long. Maybe ten minutes until she fell asleep! I told her she deserved a big treat for being such a big girl! She has being asking for a cry baby since Christmas but I had no idea what she meant until last week when she showed me one in the shop so I decided to order her one! She’s going to be so happy!! 

Daisy woke up in the night, she was a little sad and cried for maybe five minutes. I‘ve always had the same approach to in the night crying and that’s a simple ‘go back to sleep’ and or ‘shhh its sleep time’ it is said in a very to the point plain voice and they are expected to do as they are told.. this usually does work very well and unless their ill the crying stops fairly quickly and without much fuss. 

When Daisy woke up I told her I was very proud of her!

Later that day a parcel arrived, I told Daisy it was for her. She was so excited! I said it was a special gift for giving up her dummies. Her face was better than Christmas morning! She opened the box so slowly as she kept stopping to jump up and down and smile at me! When she opened it my heart melted, her face was filled with joy as she reached into the box to pull out her cry baby. I explained she had received it for being such a big girl and making everyone so proud by no longer needing dummies to go to sleep. She then spent the entire afternoon clutching her new doll.

Night three was a bit slow, she had been at her nanas for tea and they live about ten minutes away so I presumed she’d maybe had a little kip on the route home so I wasn’t in a rush to get her into bed, at around 8:30 we went to bed, again she asked for her dummies and again I explained she was a big girl now so didn’t have them anymore. Again, she got sad and as I could see no sleep in her I let her watch the TV for a bit. At 9:00 it was turned off and we had cuddles. She went to sleep with very little fuss at all!

Daisy woke again in the night, but went straight back to sleep. No mention of her dummies!!

When Daisy woke up I asked her if she’d had a good nights sleep, she said she had and confirmed to me that she was a big girl now and hadn’t needed her dummies again! I told her again how proud I felt!

Night four, no mention of dummies. Dare I say WE DID IT!

Goodbye dummies!