Where has my baby gone?! 

Today Daisy graduated from nursery! I was so proud watching her on stage singing and dancing with all her friends! 

We were told daisy would never walk, talk or show any form of emotion.. how wrong they got it! She is such a happy clever little lady! 

Today at nursery all the children from morning nursery and afternoon nursery got to graduate together infront of parents and other relatives! It was amazing! 

They all sang a goodbye song which I had heard endlessly for the past two weeks at home! They sang a song they had learnt during music week and then they danced to a song that the children had voted on. At the end they were all presented with their learning journal and a gift. Daisy was so proud of herself! I was so proud of her! 

I must remember every single day just how lucky I am to have such a healthy lovable and clever girl! 

Here is Daisy on her first day at nursery and on her graduation day today! 


Day Four..

Beach day today! 

Had breakfast at the pool bar then we walked down to the beach. 

We stopped off at a spar to get some drinks for the beach and bucket and spade for the girls. We bought a sheet from a ‘lucky lucky’ man.. I’ve seen them on Wish and wanted one for ages! He wanted €30 but managed to get him down to €12 which considering they’re £10 on Wish I didn’t think that was too bad. 

We set up on the beach and Daisy was in her element! Lily not so much as she’s not a fan of the sand but Daisy absolutely loved it! She was laid in it, rolling in it, jumping in it, covering herself in it.. literally going insane!

-My sand monster, Daisy-

Then we went for a dip in the sea, it was warm and clear! Daisy loved it! Lily again is not a fan and stood at the very edge of the water! Daisy was really surprised to see fish in the sea, I’m not sure where she thinks fish come from but she clearly didn’t think they came from the sea! After we saw the fish she no longer wanted to be in the sea and wanted to go play on the sand again. 

-Daisy this time in the sea-

We bought some melon from a guy selling fruit, I feel we were overcharged some what but he was a nice guy! The melon was so tasty!!

After a few hours sunbathing and watching the girls practise their gymnastics on the sand we decided to go get something to eat, so we packed up.. at this point I realised just how covered in sand Daisy was! It covered her head to toe! So this took a rather long rinse in the foot wash to sort out! 

-Gym practise-

We headed for Burger King, as it was the closest and fastest option! 

After our dinner we walked up the road to a bar to meet my mum and dad. On route we stopped off in a tat shop, where lily bought a jumpsuit beach cover up and Natalie bought a fan. By this point Daisy was fast asleep in her pram! We arrived st the bar and has a drink. Then we went back to the pool at the appartment to rinse off mainly I swam a few lengths and watched Lilys attempts to dive! She’s getting better!! 

When we had had enough at the pool we came back to the appartment. My dad took Lily to the pool bar they already had sleeping Daisy. I got a shower and decided that instead of doing something I would sit and read my book! Which I did for approximately 5 pages before getting up to put a wash on and tidy up. The girls and my parents arrived home and we sat on the balcony with some drinks. 

Later we had tea! We had tapas style food! It was delicious!! Tonight we were treated to entertainment provided by Lily & Daisy. They were both fantastic! There is nothing more perfect in this world than watching my girls dance and sing! Daisy gets a little shy but lily has such a passion to dance and to sing it’s simply magical! 

Day Three..

Had a lovely sleep in this morning! 

Then we went to the pool bar for breakfast, I had a ham and cheese toastie.. completely lost the plot in regards to mindful eating today.. 

Then we got our swim stuff on and went to the pool, the girls had fun playing and swimming. Lily was a little grumpy as usual think she could do with a friend that’s not her little sister! 

-Lily & Daisy enjoying an ice pop-

Why is it in England we have no sugar in things like this anymore! They tasted so good! Yet despite searching high and low for them in pretty much every English supermarket I’ve not been able to find any!  

After the pool we went to get changed for tea! 

We all are a little red tonight.. seems we may have required more sun cream! Oops! 

We went for a drink at the pool bar, where I discovered they sold Fanta lemon!! Which again tastes completely different abroad for some reason?! Then we wondered down towards the beach and stopped off in a gorgeous bar/restaurant the cocktails were stunning and the view was just as nice! 

Then we went to another restaurant for food, we had noticed they had a proper pizza oven and as we all love pizza and cam garauntee Daisy will actually eat it we went there. 

WOW!! This place was amazing! I got bruesetta for starters, then pizza for main obviously it was beautiful! Hands down the best pizza I’ve had! Daisy also got a pizza, which arrived shaped like a heart Daisy loved this touch! Lily choose ribs, from the adult menu.. they were huge! They both tucked in but couldn’t finish as their meals were simply enormous! I shared some sangria with Nats and then we left. 

We called at McDonalds like you do for a mcflurry on the way home. 

The girls were exhausted and fell straight to sleep! 

Why does he drive me crazy.. 

All day I have looked forward to the five minutes it takes my youngest daughters dad to drop her off.. 

The problem with me and her dad is that we didn’t end on bad terms, if we had it would be so much easier to get over him. When she was born, she was ill. Really ill. She spent months in hospital and it tore us apart we just couldn’t cope with the strain and stress put on our relationship and when she came home from hospital things didn’t change she was still ill and we didn’t have time for ‘us’. So we split up. 

As time went on I was still concentrating fully on our daughter, he on the other hand had met someone else. I felt hurt and deflated, I guess I always thought we’d just one day end up back together. 

After a year or so they broke up and suddenly he started to show an interest in me again, we were texting, going out and behaving like we were together. But it was a secret, nobody knew. After six months I said enough was enough. I needed clarity. I was madly in love with him again! I told him I needed to be a couple officailaly or we needed to end whatever we were. I explained my feelings and he simply walked away. Again I was left heartbroken. He didn’t want a relationship at the time and he didn’t walk away because he was an arse he just wasn’t ready for what I wanted and I respected that. I just wish I’d have none this six months prior. 

A few months later I discovered he had another girlfriend. I was furious!! I hated him, but I loved him. He was with her for just over a year before they eventually ended. 

Which brings me to today.. we’ll kind of. 

For the past few weeks he has been acting different. Talking, hanging around when he’s dropping our daughter off, texting me. Which isn’t normal. He even complimented me! 

So of course I get the attention from him once again and the feeling of hope comes back! 

When he arrived to drop our daughter of this afternoon I made sure I looked good and secretly hoped he would want to stay for a bit and give me some attention. Which he did! We sat in the sun and watched our daughter playing in the hot tub whilst we chatted. After about thirty minutes he left as he had made plans to meet his friend at the pub. It drives me crazy that I can’t get him out of my head! Even after he left he was all I could think about! 

..Why does he make me feel like this! I love him but clearly we aren’t meant to be together! I wish I could get over him and move on but I can’t. He never hurt me, ok he hurt me by being with other people but he didn’t do it to spite me.. It sometimes would have been easier I think if he had done something awful to end our relationship. 

But still, even though I know this will never become what I want, I’ll reply to every text he sends with hope. Hoping this could be the right time for us? 


I used to love books, but after having children I found the only books I read were ones aimed at the children. If I were lucky Id read a few pages of a magazine I just never had the time to read anymore!

So for my birthday (Which was in August) the girls were pestering me for ideas of what to get me, so I asked for Khloe Kardashian’s book. Strong looks better naked. A few months previous to them asking I had started to watch the TV series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and at the point of them asking I was up to the series in which Khloe was writing her book. I had fallen in love with the TV series, after years of listening to others saying the Kardashians were a load of crap.. so I thought if her book was anything like she was on screen id love it.

8 months later, I have finished the book! It took a while to read, not because it was dull or hard to get into but because that’s how hard I find it to get some free time to just sit and read.

It was an amazing read! I read it from start to finish constantly nodding my head, relating to the words she was writing. This book gave me the kick I needed to go join weight watchers, buy myself a fit bit and flush out the negativity in my life.

As I read through the book it changed my perception on a lot of things. Before I had joined other weight loss classes and stuck at them for the first few weeks then give up! The book made me see that changing my diet was a life change not just a quick fix. If I wanted to seriously become ‘strong’ in mind body and soul I would need to change my mind set. I needed to incorporate exercise and structure. I needed to eat mindfully! Its all good and well telling me I can eat as much pasta as I want but the old me would sit there and eat the full packet! I knew subconsciously that I was cheating myself but my mind set was not on becoming a different person. The old me was still grasping at the binge eating and hopes that I would just wake up one day and be skinny. Khloe made me realise the old me isn’t going to help create the healthier, strong me. She made me see that to feel better in myself I would need to make change to the way in which other people have an impact on my life. The negative people around me were only making me feel negative. The moaning and bitching was completely irrelevant to my life and was so draining. I removed myself from the situations. I cut my ties and I feel so much better for doing so.

I am far from where I want to be, but I have taken the steps to begin the journey. The steps I wouldn’t have taken had I not read this book.

Khloe Kardashian is an inspiration to! Before I watched the TV series and read her book I didn’t understand what she was about. I thought like many others do she was simply famous for being famous. How very wrong that was! She is a very strong and clever lady! She certainly has impacted my life and made me want to change for the better. We all deal with crap! We all struggle with certain things! But ultimately its down to us to pave our path.

Anyone that needs a bit of inspiration in relation to weight loss, fitness, inner strength, mindfulness, soul searching or anyone that’s after a good read! I would recommend Khloe Kardashian, Strong looks better naked!