Where has my baby gone?! 

Today Daisy graduated from nursery! I was so proud watching her on stage singing and dancing with all her friends! 

We were told daisy would never walk, talk or show any form of emotion.. how wrong they got it! She is such a happy clever little lady! 

Today at nursery all the children from morning nursery and afternoon nursery got to graduate together infront of parents and other relatives! It was amazing! 

They all sang a goodbye song which I had heard endlessly for the past two weeks at home! They sang a song they had learnt during music week and then they danced to a song that the children had voted on. At the end they were all presented with their learning journal and a gift. Daisy was so proud of herself! I was so proud of her! 

I must remember every single day just how lucky I am to have such a healthy lovable and clever girl! 

Here is Daisy on her first day at nursery and on her graduation day today! 


Back To School Tomorrow!

Tomorrow can not come soon enough!

I love the girls been at home, I love spending time with them.. it was only yesterday I was writing about how sad I were that they hadn’t spent the Easter Sunday with me.. but I can not wait for tomorrow!

Tomorrow Daisy goes back to nursery and Lily goes back to school!

Back to school for us means we get our routine back! Yay!  & as an added bonus I also have the week off work! Which I am very much looking forward to as I can get so many jobs done around the house.. Or at the very least ill get to watch more Mr Robot without any interruptions from the girls.

As I am writing this post I have just noticed the time! Already past 6pm which means the routine of get the kids to bed can begin!

The only downside to back to school tomorrow is that as soon as the girls are in their beds I have to get the ironing board out and iron the uniforms that have been screwed up in the bottom of their wardrobe for the past fortnight. At least I can do it whilst watching KUWTK in peace!

Easter Sunday.

Today has been Easter Sunday.

As a child Easter was a family occasion where we celebrated Easter together. We were either away on holiday together or spent it at home with a big family dinner.

Today I found myself alone for the majority of the day. Which, as lovely as that was getting to sit down and watch some TV, it was so sad.

(Daisy was at her dads & Lily was at home but then left at 11am to go to her dads.)

I would have loved to have both girls here at home! Going to Sunday Service this morning, hunting for Easter Eggs, eating a family dinner before snuggling up to watch a film and stuffing our faces with chocolate!

As much as I would never stop the girls visiting their dads I do wish that for certain celebrations they were home with me. A mid-week Egg hunt is just not the same! It kind of takes the Easter aspect out of Easter. It just becomes an Egg hunt.