Day Four..

Beach day today! 

Had breakfast at the pool bar then we walked down to the beach. 

We stopped off at a spar to get some drinks for the beach and bucket and spade for the girls. We bought a sheet from a ‘lucky lucky’ man.. I’ve seen them on Wish and wanted one for ages! He wanted €30 but managed to get him down to €12 which considering they’re £10 on Wish I didn’t think that was too bad. 

We set up on the beach and Daisy was in her element! Lily not so much as she’s not a fan of the sand but Daisy absolutely loved it! She was laid in it, rolling in it, jumping in it, covering herself in it.. literally going insane!

-My sand monster, Daisy-

Then we went for a dip in the sea, it was warm and clear! Daisy loved it! Lily again is not a fan and stood at the very edge of the water! Daisy was really surprised to see fish in the sea, I’m not sure where she thinks fish come from but she clearly didn’t think they came from the sea! After we saw the fish she no longer wanted to be in the sea and wanted to go play on the sand again. 

-Daisy this time in the sea-

We bought some melon from a guy selling fruit, I feel we were overcharged some what but he was a nice guy! The melon was so tasty!!

After a few hours sunbathing and watching the girls practise their gymnastics on the sand we decided to go get something to eat, so we packed up.. at this point I realised just how covered in sand Daisy was! It covered her head to toe! So this took a rather long rinse in the foot wash to sort out! 

-Gym practise-

We headed for Burger King, as it was the closest and fastest option! 

After our dinner we walked up the road to a bar to meet my mum and dad. On route we stopped off in a tat shop, where lily bought a jumpsuit beach cover up and Natalie bought a fan. By this point Daisy was fast asleep in her pram! We arrived st the bar and has a drink. Then we went back to the pool at the appartment to rinse off mainly I swam a few lengths and watched Lilys attempts to dive! She’s getting better!! 

When we had had enough at the pool we came back to the appartment. My dad took Lily to the pool bar they already had sleeping Daisy. I got a shower and decided that instead of doing something I would sit and read my book! Which I did for approximately 5 pages before getting up to put a wash on and tidy up. The girls and my parents arrived home and we sat on the balcony with some drinks. 

Later we had tea! We had tapas style food! It was delicious!! Tonight we were treated to entertainment provided by Lily & Daisy. They were both fantastic! There is nothing more perfect in this world than watching my girls dance and sing! Daisy gets a little shy but lily has such a passion to dance and to sing it’s simply magical! 


Day Three..

Had a lovely sleep in this morning! 

Then we went to the pool bar for breakfast, I had a ham and cheese toastie.. completely lost the plot in regards to mindful eating today.. 

Then we got our swim stuff on and went to the pool, the girls had fun playing and swimming. Lily was a little grumpy as usual think she could do with a friend that’s not her little sister! 

-Lily & Daisy enjoying an ice pop-

Why is it in England we have no sugar in things like this anymore! They tasted so good! Yet despite searching high and low for them in pretty much every English supermarket I’ve not been able to find any!  

After the pool we went to get changed for tea! 

We all are a little red tonight.. seems we may have required more sun cream! Oops! 

We went for a drink at the pool bar, where I discovered they sold Fanta lemon!! Which again tastes completely different abroad for some reason?! Then we wondered down towards the beach and stopped off in a gorgeous bar/restaurant the cocktails were stunning and the view was just as nice! 

Then we went to another restaurant for food, we had noticed they had a proper pizza oven and as we all love pizza and cam garauntee Daisy will actually eat it we went there. 

WOW!! This place was amazing! I got bruesetta for starters, then pizza for main obviously it was beautiful! Hands down the best pizza I’ve had! Daisy also got a pizza, which arrived shaped like a heart Daisy loved this touch! Lily choose ribs, from the adult menu.. they were huge! They both tucked in but couldn’t finish as their meals were simply enormous! I shared some sangria with Nats and then we left. 

We called at McDonalds like you do for a mcflurry on the way home. 

The girls were exhausted and fell straight to sleep! 

Day Two..

After the kids arguing about where their feet were going in the bed and messing about with the sheets they finally fell asleep! 

We had toast for breakfast on the balcony.

We went for a wonder around, found loads of bars and tat shops I have a tat shop weakness. We stopped off at a bar for a drink, before heading to the supermarket for some supplies! 

Daisy & Lynda (my mum)-

After we dropped of the shopping at the appartment we went to the pool bar for dinner! I ordered a salad as I’m trying not to go crazy and regain all the weight ive lost recently! 

Ham salad, yum!

When we had finished we all went pool inflatable shopping! Daisy choose a pink ring and a pool noodle, Lily choose a sofa lilo and I just got a normal lilo for myself! We then went to the pool. 

-Lily & Daisy-

We all had fun in the pool, the girls were jumping in and enjoying themselves on their inflatables.. Lily made a Spanish friend. She spoke English so they could communicate, I do find it so wrong and sad that children in Britain aren’t taught other languages from an early age! 

-Lily & Daisy at the pool-

After the pool it was time to go get showered and changed! Daisy fell asleep and woke up in a very very grumpy mood! We walked to the pool bar for a drink whilst we waited for Natalie (my sister) to get ready.. she always seems to take forever!! Daisy sulked and sat on my knee the entire time we were there. 

Then we had a walk down to the bar we had visited during the day, for tea! We ordered sangria to drink and I had squid.. again. Lily had a burger and Daisy ordered the only thing she wanted.. bread! 

The girls had pudding and we left. I think we will revisit this restaurant as the food was very nice! 

Back to the apartment for one last drink before bed. 

Day One..

Up at 3am to ensure we were all ready for the taxi picking us up at 4.. That hour went so fast! I ended up running out the house forgetting my purse! 

Luckily I realised and could nip back in for it! 

We arrived at the airport, straight to check in! Failed the self serve so ended up waiting in line to do it the old fashioned way! 

Then we went to Witherspoons for breakfast! It was so busy!! 
2 slices of toast and 1 bottle of prosecco later I was a little on my way to bring drunk! I didn’t drink the entire bottle I shared it with my sister! 

-Pre Flight Drinks-

As my toast arrived we were called for boarding an hour before we were due to take of so we didn’t rush! The girls got a magazine and I bought some food! Then we went to gate, was literally the last on! Oops!

-Lily & Daisy ready to board!-


Took my special drops rescue 

As the food and drink came round I thought as I was a little anxious and well I was already half cut I’d get myself 2 bottles of cava.. why not! 

-Tenerife.. at least I think-

We arrived on time, collected the bags and went to the transport bus.. where we waited for over an hour!! This is why when I book holidays I book private transport. My mum booked our holiday as I’m away with the parents. 

We then arrived at the apartment and unpacked. The parents went shopping whilst I got the girls ready for our first trip to the pool.  

The pool is lovely, nice size and as the pool runs from one end to the other it seems fairly quiet, we shall see tomorrow if that is actually the case! 

-Lily & Daisy at the pool-

After the girls had played and we’d had a drink we decided to head back to get ready for going out for tea!

-Lily & Daisy-

We walked down to the front and choose a bar overlooking the sea for a drink. We then walked further along until we came across a tapas bar. The man serving us made a fuss of Daisy! We ordered tapas and the kids ordered kids meals. The food was nice, Daisy ate her entire pizza which was huge! Daisy doesn’t usually eat as she’s very hit and miss when it comes to food but tonight she well and turkey tucked in! 

After the meal we walked back to the apartment and enjoyed a drink on the balcony. 

Our first day has been lovely! Looking forward to a full day around the pool tomorrow!! 


Going on Holiday!!!

I haven’t been abroad for years!! Literally 4 years! 

Ok so I’ve been away on a hen weekend, and weeks away in this county (U.K.) but actually abroad on holiday with my family just hasn’t happened! 

This is thanks to Daisy! Daisy who simply cost way too much in travel insurance to take away! I priced it up last year and I was looking at £2000+ which I just couldn’t justify at all. This year as she hasn’t been hospitalised yay! She is still a bit pricey but way cheaper at just £240! So yeh that’s the reason I haven’t been away for so long.. (Daisy has chronic lung disease hence why she costs more in travel ins) 

We travel to Tenerife in a few hours! I can not wait to be there.. I’m a little nervous because with Daisy having lung problems I am a little worried about how she’s going to react to the flying aspect of things. I’ve also been suffering from some kind of panic attacks recently (at least that’s what I think they are) so I’m hoping I don’t end up having one of those! I know once I’m there I’ll be fine.. it’s just the bit before I’m on edge about! 

I’m sure it will be fine!


Why I’m voting Conservative.. 

So here’s my opinion.. on this letter I received through the post from labour.
This is the letter..  

Now for my opinion.. 

•Minimum wage raise to £10 PH. If I were to hire staff at £10 per hour I would be paying the staff more than I earn an hour! How many small business could afford this? They would have to dismiss their workers and cut their business back to make any form of profit. This would then result in a rise of unemployment. 
• NHS. Where is this money coming from? Some hospitals are beyond repair and are continuing to cost the NHS billions in maintaining them! Wouldn’t it be better to cut the losses and look at a new solution to this problem? A solution like what conservatives are offering! Part privatisation is not suggesting you’ll be paying for your NHS care! It is offering financial help for the core of the NHS! Better paid jobs for those that are effected by the changes! A more efficient long term plan for the NHS! It’s all good and well plastering over a cracked wall but eventually the cracks will come through. 

My daughter was in an NHS hospital for 100 days, for 100 days I received free parking as do all intensive care patients parents! However had they not provided this I would have paid parking happily knowing it goes straight back into the hospital! Your caring for my child why on earth would I complain about the fee! If for whatever reason I couldn’t afford that fee I would get the bus, if I couldn’t afford the bus I would walk! I wouldn’t expect a free car park! 
• Education. There is nothing wrong with being a grown up and paying for the things we want! If you wish to go to uni to learn about whatever that’s your choice! I agree for doctors and teachers the fees should be altered but I also feel too many people go to uni for the fun factor and not the actual education. Free school meals for all isn’t required, parents should provide for their child! If they are unable to for certain reasons then that’s the only time a free school meal should be allocated! A smaller class size would be brilliant, but again this comes down to money and with all the free meals being handed out where is the money coming from? Are they going to extend existing schools to accommodate this? Build more? 


•Police. hiring 10,000 more police is great! But at what expense? We do need more police! Especially if labours ideas on defence are put into plan.
•Housing. As great as new houses would be, I’d rather the possibility of getting a mortgage be an option! How are all these people that are currently renting going to manage when it comes to retirement? Are more schools, hospitals, doctors, fire departments going to be built also? Again it’s great to plan these things but with no true money I can’t see it? 
As great as some of these ideas are , we need to get away from this take take take attitude! We can’t continue to spend money that we don’t have, increasing cooperation tax and taxing higher earners more just isn’t going to cover these costs! Does nobody remember the massive debt created by the last labour government? Conservative have been forced to make cuts to get us out of the mess created! These cuts aren’t great, but we need to stop being selfish and take control!


Sometimes I wonder why I even bother..

Why does my eldest daughters dad suck at being a dad so much? 

Myself and my two girls go away in two weeks to Tenerife for a two week holiday. We fly on a Monday and I had presumed the girls would spend the weekend just before at their dads. My youngest daughter, Daisy is and is also going away today for a short break with her dad so he can make the most of her before she goes away. 

My eldest daughter on the other hand gets dropped of early again on Sunday and her dad instructs me that he’ll try see her before we go away! Lily (my eldest) is away at Brownie camp this weekend so I knew he wouldn’t see her this weekend, however it is the school holidays and I know he doesn’t work each and every day all day and all night so thought he’d ask to have her at some point.. why I continue to think this after almost nine years of the same lack of effort i don’t know but I like to be hopeful. So I questioned if he’d be having her the weekend just before we go away as normal when I say normal nothing is normal about our set up as he doesn’t understand consistency and he isn’t really into having her if he can avoid it. Usually she goes after her drama class on a Saturday and returns either later that day or Sunday afternoon. He replied ‘I’ll get her after dance Friday and drop her at drama saturday’ this totals to thirteen hours! Of that she spends around ten of them asleep!! I didn’t argue it, I don’t like arguing about things whilst Lily is there to hear. 

This morning Lily explain that her dad is going on holiday I asked if she was going, she want sure.  I presumed he had just forgot to mention it. So I text him to see if she was correct. Turns out she was correct. He is going on holiday, the weekend that should be the first weekend he’ll be having Lily after our holiday. So I ask if Lily is going also. Of course I know the answer. No. 

Now maybe I’m wrong, but shouldn’t he be taking her? He won’t have seen her for twenty eight days and yet on the day he should be seeing her he’s decided he’s going to go away, without her. At the very least couldn’t he have gone whilst we were away and just not told her? 

.. whilst writing this I receive a text, it says. Just to remind you I’m away for a stag weekend on the seventh of July! So that actually means he won’t see her for forty three days! I do wonder if he understands that when you have responsibilities this is not ok! What can I do to make him realise that she is important?? She needs his attention! She needs his love and she needs to be in his life! 

He should realise how lucky he is! So many times I hear of stories where the mother doesn’t allow the child to see their father. All I want for my girls is to see their dads and be loved by both sides! Daisy’s dad is amazing and I can not fault him but Lilys dad doesn’t even deserve the title!