My name is Amy. I am 26 years old, single and living in Leeds, England.
I am self employed and work from home.

I have two gorgeous girls, Lily who is 8 and Daisy who is 4.
They are slightly crazy! They love to dance and to drive me insane!
I would be lost without them.. As you will find out as I write my blogs my girls do have different dads. I had Lily when I was just 17 and well her dad wasn’t the most supportive and Daisy was born 15 weeks early and was critically ill, we went through an awful lot of heartache, panic and emotions during her ill days which ultimately broke our relationship to pieces.

I still live with my parents, they are very understanding and supportive! Of course this was not my plan at this stage of my life and with my two girls.. but for the time being I wouldn’t change our little set up!

I recently joined weight watchers and it has completely changed my whole outlook on eating and fitness! I can not wait to be a stronger, fitter and healthier me!

I guess my learning from life so far is life is precious and nobody can predict what the future holds. It may seem crap at the time but things change and things get better.. at least I hope!